The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life
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Faith is a gift of God. Is planted not by a religion, but by hearing from the mouth of God Himself. Through the pages of the Bible, Hebrew, John, the gospels.

I heard once about God through a religion but far knowing about God and what relationship is there between us. Didn’t know to love and the power forgiving. Faith is believing in the unseen, but tangible as you face people, culture and hardships and good times.



I’m new to blogging, it opens up avenues to view others people perspective of life, beliefs, their personal experiences about faith. Is mind blowing to view faith through their words, understanding more about why and why not about God, Faith and the Bible.

The lack of knowledge leads to misunderstand and misjudged what you don’t know. I’m a listener, to many who have opened their hearts to unload their burdens, feelings heavy and sad. By the time they’re midway the conversation, there is a change in the facial gesture, a smile of relief. Is a time given to release faith to trust.